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agent smith: can i maber give me vent password if not i understand plz pm me :)
DW_KarmaKat: Check your private messages, Mr. Smith. ;D
agent smith : thank you :)
DW_KarmaKat: News flash! Lucifer work stoppage has been settled. He's now back on MM One and he's mad as Hell! ;) Who knew he'd get so upset about having to return the Christmas costume?!?
Crusader: Hello! Is it possible to kill someone else in this server? Because marco killed me (probably because i got more kills than him).
Crusader: If he did it on purpose i request to ban him.
DW_KarmaKat: Hi Crusader! Accidents do stomps mixed with a WMD in a small room...well yeah, results are not pretty. I've done it a few times and I've been surprised by being nuked too. However, if someone were to repeatedly do that in your immediate vicinity, then some action might need to be taken because that's called griefing your team and we don't appreciate that kind of behaviour. We don't ban people based on third party information, so if this is happening to you, the best thing you can do is come into our Ventrilo voice server and see if there's an Admin around. Second best thing is to take screenshots of your chat log and the console and email them immediately to clandw (at)
Heulsuse: Hello cant join server 2 it says "server cant refuse to...." Map Redbluff
Guest_8393: No place to download maps your servers refuse to give
Guest_7527: Hello I beg you why can not I download the map I can play only those thet I have already downloaded :(
Guest_7527: pls help :( all the time it normally worked
Guest_7527: I play
Death Warrant:Monster Mash RPG - Server 2
Guest_7527: I am from the Czech Republic and it did not understand why it does not go anywhere and can not find any help
Guest_7527: hello please can you help me te
Guest_7527: please someone tell me that no one's here
Guest_7527: hello please can you help me te
Guest_4945: Hey guys unable to play on either of your MM servers (server 2) and the other one just get message Server refuses to send map .......... seems to happen with all maps servers are currently on. (this is durning downloading of map) attempted in on 5 or so differnt maps same thing for each map.
Guest_7527: but I just playin on Death Warrant: Monster Mash RPG - Server 2 and three days before I could, and today it's not
Guest_7527: I do not know what can I do someone really explain why it can not be downloaded playing it for about a month, and the whole time I could, and now it just does not
Guest_7527: pleas
Guest_1224: Death Warrant:Monster Mash RPG - Server 2 , server dont send map
Hollywood: Hi getting same error; happened a few months ago and lasted a good chunk of the weekend. I believe only fix will be with direct Admin intervention. Regards, Hollywood
krazylol: when i try to join server 2 i cant get onto it because the server refuses to send the map what do i do?
DW_KarmaKat: Apologies for the connection issues related to the redirect. We are in touch with our hosting provider and they are working to resolve the issue. Hang in there! Hopefully we'll have it back soon. :)
DW_KarmaKat: Redirect should be working now. Big thank you to everyone who reported the problem, either here or via email! :)
krazylol: Thank you for fixing the issue :)
Guest_1383: Yay thanks i messaaged here and via the email system on this site :D
Guest_7527: It goes thank you very much to have it fixed as quickly :)
kit10: Give password pls :(
El_Salvador_503: Hi all hows everyone been :D:):D:P;):-*8)
Guest_7659: Guys, I've been banned but I don't even know if I played on your server :D UT2004, how is that possible?
DW_KarmaKat: If you've been banned, it's quite likely that you have an illegal copy of UT. Someone, somewhere, sometime in the annals of UT2004 did something to get themselves banned from the game. The copy you're using is the same as the nummy who got banned and so you (and everyone else who downloaded the same copy) are now banned on a number of servers.'ve bought a copy of the game from a source who hasn't bothered to tell you you're not getting a unique cd-key when you purchase. If this is the case, you'll need to contact their customer support and request a unique cd-key for online multiplayer gaming. Please email clandw (at) if you have any further questions. Thanks!
exø: hey been playing a lot on your invasion server on ut2004 recently and don't have any money to donate are there any other ways I could help out?
DW_KarmaKat: Hello exø! Glad you're enjoying our slice of UT2k4 craziness. :D Thank you very much for offering to help! We don't currently have any big projects on the books, so I'm not certain I could offer you any tasks. However, if you know your way around UnRealEd, and I mean...know it like the back of your hand kind of knowing....we may need to converse further. ;)
exø : cant say I know it even remotely well, let me know if any big projects come up that I can help with
Guest_8785: CAnt find the evo server address