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DaRevSorry, added the comment, forgot to put my name(19.11.2020, 18:36)(18:36)0
GuestStill enjoying playing, and so many players again on Server 2 .. so much fun with many players in at one time!(19.11.2020, 18:36)(18:36)0
DW>SkittlesO_O(19.11.2020, 09:18)(09:18)0
Terrai will take a look sometime, and i will be playing MM around christmas, hoping to see some familiar faces and names from the past. im lookin at u S](18.11.2020, 02:27)(02:27)0
MobiusHey Mike! Hey Mr. Dick! Hey Terra! Hey everyone else! This board doesn't get checked nearly as frequently as our Discord server, you guys should join it and hit us up. Especially you guys with technical difficulties, we can get you sorted out there much easier.(15.11.2020, 17:06)(17:06)0
Terraaround this time of year, pretty much every year, i remember you guys and the best times of unreal monster mash and spam vikings. hope youre all doin good (06.11.2020, 18:02)(18:02)0
GuestI haven't played this since middle school. I'm 29 now. Was great playing tonight.(06.11.2020, 05:18)(05:18)0
BiggingHey guys, had a long break and i wanted to play, but my ip is banned? Is there a way to find the reason for it? :( cant imagine that ive done sth wrong..(29.09.2020, 23:14)(23:14)0
Mr.DickEyo! Randomly thought of you guys. Hope you're all staying healthy!(27.09.2020, 09:14)(09:14)0
GuestHey it's Eric. Any idea how to get maps/mods to load on server? Got new computer but server won't send files. Anyplace to download them? Thanks! (Made a thread on forums too)(19.09.2020, 15:05)(15:05)0
GuestHey DW! It's been an awfully long time, any of you remember your old Pal MikeOlon?(02.09.2020, 01:24)(01:24)0
GuestI recently reinstalled (twice) my UT2004 and I can't download any maps from the server (1/2). Is there a website I can download a pack from?(14.07.2020, 17:45)(17:45)0
polarstormthanks ICQ , hi guest , who are you ? ( dw noob) i,m trying to get in a few mins play everyday to build my players rank back to the old days :)(14.07.2020, 08:34)(08:34)0
ImAnArmyManHey guys how are thing, long time no see. Hope everything is good!(04.07.2020, 11:04)(11:04)0
iCQHEY POLARSTORM... yeah i like the map... the function of the fan in the middle is just perfect... and hiding at the side corner area... nice nice.. thanks for your time and addition man (and thanks to the admins to fix the sentinel mod! SUPER)(26.06.2020, 02:08)(02:08)0
GuestHello everyone is old school DW no0b :) wondering if the old crew is still on :)(21.06.2020, 08:50)(08:50)0
polarstormwow finally played my map :) thank you so much for adding it (19.06.2020, 21:26)(21:26)0
iCQ super thanks(19.06.2020, 19:35)(19:35)0
GuestOh thanks admin for adding the old inv maps again! :-)(19.06.2020, 19:35)(19:35)0
polarstormreplied :)(19.06.2020, 17:02)(17:02)0