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kingofwar: hi all
DW>Ant: Monster Evolution is down today for maintenance and updates. It'll come back around 8 pm EST. Thank you for your patience.
chr: thanx for the heads up!!! this is (to my calculations) 1 a.m. british time?
ElZaR: OK! Hola all :D
chr: ME server is up and running as scheduled. any change log ? Hola blue eyes
Terra: :P :-*
DW_Skittles: Herp Derp :P
Rock: Just looking in;
Rock: Ive been under the weather for a while and was in an accident
Rock: wanted to check in and see how things were going; I heard something about the ut server going down. is that permanent?
Rock: :_(
Habulin: Someone please PM me the VENTRILO Password
DW_Skittles: I will think about it first
DW_KarmaKat: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! May your day be tasty, warm and fun! Safe journeys to you travellers! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :D
Guest_9854: mitsubishi evo crashed at 12:00 GMT
agentsmith : happy holiday for all from my heart best wish :D one more thing tell dwjanie have a wonderful holiday and plz tell her i dont blame her not beng frinds with me any more i wish start over .so happy new year and marry xams to all of you from my heart to ours
DW_KarmaKat: Hey all! Monster Mash servers will be down this afternoon for maintenance. Scheduled to begin at 1:40pm Central time. Estimated down time will be around 15-20 minutes for each server, starting with MM One. Thanks!
DW_KarmaKat: Merry Christmas, everyone! :D
christmas: Merry X-mas to all people here and everyone around the World !!!!
DW_Apok@lypse: Merry Chrismas, everyone. Wish all happy holidays and enjoy your time with your families :D .
DW_5CitiesButcher: Happy Holidays everyone!! :)
DW_Bomzin: Hope everyone had a safe holiday. Happy New Years everyone.
DW_KarmaKat: Happy New Year!!!! Everyone...resolve to play more and worry less in 2014!
christmas: Wanna wish Happy New Year to all people around the Globe, and I hope 2014 will be a productive year and will bring only happiness
DW_Apok@lypse: Happy New Year 2014 !!!!!
DW_Apok@lypse: Here is a video special from my dog and my cousin's dog. Enjoy :D . «link»
Thwart: With the weird music and the non-stop licking, I felt it necessary to watch the whole video twice, and then turn it off real fast during the third time. I then questioned the meaning of what I just watched. But then the question changed to why.
christmas: astro foteino, tha rthei giortino, minima tha ferei apo ton ourano...a re kosta xa xa xa
DW_KarmaKat: Hey DW's and gaming regulars!! Hope everyone is surviving the latest Mother Nature tantrum! Drop a line when you can and let us know how you're doing. :)
Ollie: Hi
dziadek: Hello may i ask why my ip was banned ? i tried to connect and i got msg about ban. How is it possible if i did not broke any rules and even i would be offline too long u should delete my profile but not ban me. Why did i get the ban and can it be reversed?
dziadek: i was banned on rpg server
DW_BrainPan: dziadek, send and email to with the following info:
DW_BrainPan: Server you are trying to connect to. your GUID and your IP address and someone will respond to you.
DW_BrainPan: Edit - that email addy is
dziadek: thank you

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