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adridas: Ahh ok. Thank you. Ok she will contact you ;)
VIPER: Whats with this link spam all over the place?.
Guest_9872: Hey its me again. My friend wrote a message to "Contact us - Admin". I dont know if that was the right way. If it is we can keep waiting. We have time. But if that was wrong where shall she send a message to exactly? Greetz from Germany ;) and thx for your time Karma.
adridas: ehh the message was from me forgot to send the name
adridas: Sorry, it´s me again :D could some1 please answer how to change the "UT GUID" to get my GF on UT2004 chicago :D as i said, she wrote to "contact us" but there is still no respond. She can ask again or whatever she has to do so... Pls answer xD I´d like to play UT :D :D thx
Silly_Warlock: You should probably mail DW_KarmaKat. About GUID- it corresponds to CD-key, so in order to change it you need to change CD-key.
Guest_6265: Thank you very much. I ll do it ;)
DW_KarmaKat: Adridas, as I mentioned previously, have your friend contact us using: or she can email me directly.
Guest_2600: Ye she wrote to . Sorry I couldnt find your email-adress. And also sorry for being so irritating.
DW_KarmaKat: We haven't received any email recently. I did fill out a sample in the "contact us" form here and it went through just fine. No need to shouldn't need to apologize for asking questions as long as they are legit. ;) Perhaps she should try using the Private Message system through the forums?
DW_KarmaKat: Hello all! Our hosting service had a hardware failure recently. You may be noticing some missing posts on the forums. Unfortunately, the best drive image they had wasn't as fresh as we'd like, thus the rollback and a few missing posts. They have now migrated data to SSD drives which should improve page load speeds. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Guest_2493: Hello all
Motosega: Just sent in a donation :) Could you send levels to this name on Server2 whenever you can :P
DW_KarmaKat: You're all set, Motosega! Thank you for donating!
Motosega: Thanks, Have a slight problem, when I log onto the forum page all the actual forums sections, threads & posts vanish? Does my account need to be accepted or validated or something? Thanks -Motosega :D
DW_KarmaKat: MySQL database needed repair. You should be able to access the Forums normally now, Motosega. Thanks for letting us know! :cheer:
Guest_9156: Says I'm banned from the servers???? Nooo idea what I did? (Eyec0n)
DW_KarmaKat: If you receive a ban message, please drop us an email at Include your character(s) name, what server you're trying to join and your UT GUID. Please do NOT post your GUID here or in the forums. Email if you need help finding your UT GUID. Thanks! :)
Motosega: Thanks but I'm still getting the "This board has no forums." message :(
Guest_4595: Motosega, the forums are working. You may need to clear your browser's cache and the try them again.
Guest_9621: Nothing to do with my browsers cache, I can see the forums fine logged off, soon as I log in there gone with a message saying "This board has no forums" .
Guest_6398: Hi do you still offer infinate mp5 for donation?
DW_KarmaKat: We never have offered a specific infinite weapon, such as the MP5, for any donor.
Guest_6974: help!!! Cant get back onto forum... Sly_One_Forever is my user name... can you help.
DW_KarmaKat: Hello Sly One Forever! Please check your email. I have removed your email addy from the shoutbox so that web bots won't be bombarding you with spam. I need a little bit more information from you, so please respond via email. Thanks!
Ste4lthKill: Hello. I sent a donation just now and would like to know if/when you received it. It was for 30$ I played around 10 years ago and am so glad you guys are still going strong!
Guest_: Is there a website where i can download maps/textures/static-mesh/system, ect ? (?)
DW_KarmaKat: Cool night's breeze flutters now dead leaves, lonely wolf's howl sounds 'neath silvered moon. The dead are walking and ghosts be haunting the Halloween maps of Monster Mash!
DW_KarmaKat: There are a few websites still around that have maps and much needed files . This one is pretty good: «link»
Stealth: Halloween maps CONFIRMED and WORKING! :D
DW_Bender: Just got my new upgrade done! I will returning to gaming soon!
DW_Bender: Yes, " I will returning to gaming soon!" Hey, I'm a gamer, not a master of the literary arts.
DW_Bender: :)
DW_Bender: Is anyone going to be playing Black Ops 3?
Kurenai: Maybe a guide map where safe areas are marked and some switches to open doors as there LOCKDOWN map :P