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DW_KarmaKat: MM Servers are back online! Remember, if you get a mismatch error, completely close UT and then delete DWInvasion.u from your UT2004/System fold and reconnect.
DW_KarmaKat: The redirect issue has been solved. You should now be able to join servers & download maps at a reasonable pace. ;)
Guest_9433: Waht is the password from Monster evultion i wanna to join PLZ help me thx! :)
Guest_9433: PLZ :)
DW_Ant: Hello Guest_9433: Please send me an E-mail for the password.
DW_Ant: New map on Monster Evolution!
DW_Ant: AS-Castle brought to you by Christmas!
Guest_1061: DW anti can u say to admin and u give me the password plz when yes is this a bigh HELP thx
Guest_5458: can i join to monster evolution Say pls the password i dont have a email sry
Skrittles: sry but u have to be a rank 1 virgin for the password
Thwart: Skritties forgot to mention that you can donate $20 to automatically get to rank 1!
DW_KarmaKat: Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans!!! ;)
Guest_1713: What is the password to play DW Monster Map
KrimSin: Hey Karma, apparently u r the man i need to speak with. I use to play a longtime ago. i have another medic i was wondering if you could retrieve it for me. not to sure on the name tho. KrimSin 2EZ SIN will be a medic tho. are you able to do that?
adridas: hey guys. maybe some MM server 2 players know me. i played 2 years ago for the last time. got a new computer and a new router. can i still play my account "adridas" on server2 ? or how does it remain my stats/account
Habulin: Ant, could you send me the ME password :P ? You're always afk when I'm on vent :x
Guest_6009: hey um ant is it oki if i play on ME server? xD
Guest_1904: Hello everybody....Long time no see. May see more of me but only during the weekends!
DW_Ant: Hello Habulin and Guest_6009, I've replied to your E-mails.
Guest_5036: DQ_Ant
Guest_5036: DW_Ant may i can in contact with an admin?
Guest_8801: hey guys
Guest_8801: i wanna the password from monster evolution i cannot contact with admin i have try but last 1 month he dont answer
Guest_8801: i played over years this server also Death warrant and ... i wish me anyone can say the password my unreal tournament name -{UT24K}-No_name
Guest_8801: no one is online (?)
Guest_8801: 8)
Guest_8801: i hope anyone ask ty very much for help and ty good bye and have a good time cya
Guest_8801: pls change ur during to say the password !! ty
Guest_8801: and my name in UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 IS -{UT24K}-No_name
Guest_8801: cya all guys ciao
Guest_8801: i hope the lucifer die :P
Guest_8801: :D
Guest_2175: Hsisssssssssssssss
S: Hey
Dementia: ok so im minding my own business and playing in MM Server 2... when this idiot named Lampert gets his cheerleaders to vote kick me out... normally i wouldnt complain but this azz has been doing this kinda ish to me... not asking to have him banned or anything but just venting lol
MOOKE: Crybaby

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