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Motosega: Thanks but I'm still getting the "This board has no forums." message :(
Guest_4595: Motosega, the forums are working. You may need to clear your browser's cache and the try them again.
Guest_9621: Nothing to do with my browsers cache, I can see the forums fine logged off, soon as I log in there gone with a message saying "This board has no forums" .
Guest_6398: Hi do you still offer infinate mp5 for donation?
DW_KarmaKat: We never have offered a specific infinite weapon, such as the MP5, for any donor.
Guest_6974: help!!! Cant get back onto forum... Sly_One_Forever is my user name... can you help.
DW_KarmaKat: Hello Sly One Forever! Please check your email. I have removed your email addy from the shoutbox so that web bots won't be bombarding you with spam. I need a little bit more information from you, so please respond via email. Thanks!
Ste4lthKill: Hello. I sent a donation just now and would like to know if/when you received it. It was for 30$ I played around 10 years ago and am so glad you guys are still going strong!
Guest_: Is there a website where i can download maps/textures/static-mesh/system, ect ? (?)
DW_KarmaKat: Cool night's breeze flutters now dead leaves, lonely wolf's howl sounds 'neath silvered moon. The dead are walking and ghosts be haunting the Halloween maps of Monster Mash!
DW_KarmaKat: There are a few websites still around that have maps and much needed files . This one is pretty good: «link»
Stealth: Halloween maps CONFIRMED and WORKING! :D
DW_Bender: Just got my new upgrade done! I will returning to gaming soon!
DW_Bender: Yes, " I will returning to gaming soon!" Hey, I'm a gamer, not a master of the literary arts.
DW_Bender: :)
DW_Bender: Is anyone going to be playing Black Ops 3?
Kurenai: Maybe a guide map where safe areas are marked and some switches to open doors as there LOCKDOWN map :P
Guest_3304: The server is lagging right now, all 3 of us on it were getting heavy P/L. Will probably clear itself up eventually, just thought I'd leave a record of the event.
DW_KarmaKat: Thank you..errr...Guest. ;) Could you please provide more info? Which server and about what time of day ? Thank you!
Guest_3279: A very Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Hope your holidays are safe, warm and fun! :)
DW_Apok@lypse: Happy Holidays everyone. :)
DW_KarmaKat: Happy New Year, everyone!!!! Here's to a safe, prosperous and FUN year to come! :)
Guest_1740: Hey Karma it EvilBullet1 how long does it take for the level to come back after making a restore donation please. ty and a hppy New Year to you. :)
Gopher: hello ladies :)
Guest_7509: I was Tapindataz a long time ago.. Was wondering who still plays.. I live close to Arucard "Mike".. Has anyone heard from Nahasepetelion lately?.. :P
Guest_7509: Are you guys considering making a mod for the new unreal?..
IVIrCarrillo: ello
Lloyd: Hello
Lloyd: I was wondering, is there anywhere I can find a description for every type of weapons ? There's many type I don't know the effects like protection weapons .
Lloyd: Don't bother I found what I was looking for in here : «link»
Guest_3629: Hi, I used to play MM server 2 about 7 years ago, under the name 'UNSC Apocalypso', I just dropped by to say hi... :) I assume you've wiped old accounts such as mine out but no worries! I have the steam version rather than the cd anyway. Hope everyone's well!
Stealth: Wondering when the xmas update will be taken off? Maps/Luci is still festive but no more holiday drops. P.S. Karma: Fix Dracs Room! :P
pilvlp: Anyway we could get the map Nightwolfs testing facility on server 2?
Guest_4954: What's the password to the Monster Evolution server?
Guest_7045: password